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The Be Kind Company began because Taryn feels so passionately about raising kind kids, and at the same time, wants to remind women and moms that being kind to themselves is just as important.


Taryn struggled for many years with anorexia and fought hard to be in recovery. When she got to a healthy place and found out she was pregnant, she looked in the mirror and made a decision. Not only would she try her best not to say negative things about herself, but she decided to work just as hard not to think negative things about herself, because she didn’t want to have negative, judgmental energy near her growing baby. As a new mom, Taryn noticed that women and moms make comments much harsher and unforgiving to themselves than they would probably ever make to others. She decided that if there was only one thing she could teach her daughter, it would be this: BE KIND. Be kind to those you know, be kind to those you don’t know, and also, always remember to be kind to yourself.

"If we want our children to love and accept themselves, I think they need to learn it through our example.” -Taryn