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"remember that every David has a Goliath to defeat, and every Goliath can be defeated" -Spencer W. Kimball

I truly believe with all of my heart that there is not one thing placed on our path in this life that we don’t have the capability of overcoming. This doesn’t necessarily mean we can do it on our own. For me, my belief in and reliance on Jesus Christ was the added boost I needed while I gave it my all in treatment. I remember being in a family group one Monday (my sweet grandparents came that night). My grandpa was so supportive and wanted to understand what I was going through. He asked us all to explain what it felt like to have an eating disorder. What was this “ED” everyone kept referring to? He was very moved by the fact that each one of us seemed to have a very similar description of our disorders even though we were all different. I told him that ED basically felt like a giant monster and I felt like the tiniest ant in comparison. The first time I realized I was in recovery was when I realized ED had finally become more like a mouse in size and I was human-sized in comparison. I definitely still have days where ED is bigger than a mouse, but when I remember to rely on my faith and believe in myself and how far I have come… ED shrinks again.

Walter Hartwell

My sweet papa, Walter Hartwell, who is cheering me on now from heaven.