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Kindness for President

You know that nice sign you see walking into weddings sometimes that says... "pick a seat- not a side"?  Sometimes I wish we could hang that sign out in the real world. Remember all the hate Ellen got because she sat next to George W. Bush at a football game?! (link to Ellen’s epic response HERE)

Luckily, I think we all have a few Ellen-like examples in our lives. One of the people I looked up to most in this world was my dear grandpa, Wally. He showed kindness constantly by being charitable towards his family, friends and everyone he met. He and I could not have been closer. We also could not have been more divided when it came to politics! We both loved to follow politics and the news headlines and sometimes found ourselves debating the issues. Regardless of how contradictory our political opinions might have been that day, not once did I leave him without a hug and this sweet exchange:

"Love you, Pop!"

"Love you too, doll".

My grandpa isn't here now, but I know if he was he would be disheartened by the current political climate in America.

Everything these days seems to be blamed on either the Democrats or the Republicans. America is made up of more than just Democrats and Republicans, though. America is made up of individual people who can choose every day to add positivity to this world or not. We have the choice to smile at strangers, to do good deeds, and to be kind.

As a mom, I feel like one of the most important things I can teach my daughter is to treat everyone equally. I want her to grow up knowing that it is okay to look different, to think different, and to be different. I want her to grow up in a country where she can have opinions that might differ from her friends, teachers, and peers and feel comfortable enough to voice them.

When Layla started preschool last fall, her teacher had all the parents write down the hopes and dreams they had for their child which were then hung on a wind chime at the entrance of the classroom. What I wrote was this... "My hope for you is that you grow to be confident and kind". Today, I stand by that assertion! I hope we can all choose to raise our kids to stand up for what they believe, while also respecting the beliefs of others.

And I hope that during this election year, The Election Collection can stand as a reminder that it really doesn't matter how much we have in common. Regardless of how different we may be, or think, or vote, we can still always choose to be kind.

Layla's first visit to Washington D.C.
October 16, 2017